Why C.A.R.S. in Jenison for Auto Repair?

When it comes to auto repair, we know that your dealer is telling you that you should really get your vehicle serviced in their high dollar environment. C.A.R.S. in Jenison provides you with the same quality auto repair service from trained mechanics and a more personal touch to ensure that you and your vehicle are well cared for.


Why should I get my vehicle repaired at C.A.R.S

Our overhead is going to be less, and another advantage is we’ve employed mechanics that have come from dealers with a great deal of experience, So we have the expertise. In a lot of cases, especially in the GM vehicles we can do everything that they can do right down to reflashing the programming and all the various computer software on these cars nowadays. So there’s a big advantage here. You don’t have to pay the inflated costs by coming here and you’ll still get the expert advantage.

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